Recent Videos

  1. video thumbnail for Customising your PDF Ticket

    TicketingJuly 13, 2017

    Customising your PDF Ticket

    You're able to add images to your PDF ticket to make it more unique to your event.

  2. video thumbnail for Setting Up Your Tickets

    TicketingJune 8, 2017

    Setting Up Your Tickets

    This video covers the ticket restrictions and how to set them up.

  3. video thumbnail for Email Your Attendees

    TicketingJune 8, 2017

    Email Your Attendees

    In the event that your event details are updated, or you want to email your patrons about something regarding your event, you can do so directly through your ticketing page.

  4. video thumbnail for Manually Register a Ticket

    TicketingJune 8, 2017

    Manually Register a Ticket

    When a patron makes a purchase to your event, you can issue them a ticket through MyGuestlist by Manually Registering them to your event. This means that you enter in all their details on their behalf, and take the payment for the ticket outside of MyGuestist

  5. video thumbnail for Style Your Event

    TicketingJune 8, 2017

    Style Your Event

    Get your event ready for release by styling it up to most accurately represent your brand, and make it appealing to patrons when purchasing tickets.

  6. video thumbnail for Withdraw Funds

    TicketingMay 24, 2017

    Withdraw Funds

    This video will show you how to manage your bank accounts and withdraw funds from a full event or from an individual session.

  7. video thumbnail for Create Event

    TicketingMay 23, 2017

    Create Event

  8. video thumbnail for Event Widgets

    TicketingJuly 11, 2013

    Event Widgets

    This video goes the the process of setting up a widget and shows you how to get the website code for your website developer.

  9. video thumbnail for Check-In Apps

    TicketingJune 8, 2017

    Check-In Apps

    This video covers the options available for you to use through MyGuestlist for checking in patrons to your events. The iPad and Android app are not covered in this video.